Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy mail to TracysTreasures24

Help!  Trying desperately to figure out how to make a video, edit it, and transfer from my tablet to laptop.  B/c, when I do you can finally see some of my work "live."  Alas, even though I am rather technically literate, the droids vs the pc etc etc etc has me stumped for the moment.  Hope I don't have to call tech support, that's like surrendering!  Lol  Hope to see you back here soon with the goods, stay tuned, Ang

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey ya'll, back home again after my little trip to Illinois.  Stayed a little longer than intended, sad to go but ready to be home as well.  However, horror of horrors, very limited internet access while I was there!  Lol, even though I thought I prepared by upgrading my cell to be a portable "hot spot," the signal from T-mobile was still very weak and slow.   SO, No YouTube, No blogging, No Netflix, No movies, No Facebook.....OUCH.  Probably did me good.  I am so excited to have looked through photos of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's, and will post some soon.  I have so many ideas for vintage albums, I'll have to get started ASAP.  Wonderful visit, TTYL!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey ya'll, goin out of town to meet up with my grandma and my grandchild, how awesome is that?  We were trying for a 5 gen picture, but just couldn't work out all the details.  I think I'll take a few cardmaking supplies, get some Easter cards done.  See ya soon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy week, getting ready to go out of town, plus I have a couple of VIP birthdays this month.  Started working on cards but decided I'll move on to a little more challenging projects for them.  So here's a few cuties that I'll be sending to others.  Hope you like them.  Sent a little RAK to TracysTreasures24, can't wait for her to get it!  Lots of love.......Angie

SWEET cupcake die from TheStampsofLife, I'm addicted!

More cupcakes, check out the corrugated cardboard I used for wrapper  :o)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey ya'll,

I'll have some new cards to post soon, St. Patrick's day and some cute birthday cards.  Just wanted to send a high-5 out to The Stamps of Life (see link @side.)  I've been a club member of theirs for several months, and love using their stamps on my cards.  Check out their gallery for super-cute ideas.  IN ADDITION, their Customer Service is also VERY outstanding.  I've had occasion to contact them twice, both times they answered quickly and went above-and-beyond to resolve the requests with no flack, no hassles, and genuine sincerity.  Check them out, I think you'll be very happy....!    I know I am.   Have a great day  :o)